Adventures in Podiatry

My first podiatrist used to have me walk down the hall while he stared at my feet and muttered to himself.  This is not at all creepy in podiatry land.  He would mutter about “pronation” and “instability”. He’d look so upset I would look down too in case I’d lost a toe somewhere by the reception desk.  Apparently, my feet are really bad.

They just flex and bend in all the wrong places.  They change shape.  Last year the insteps got higher and a favorite pair of clogs stopped fitting. This year they shrank and the clogs fit again.  There’s a bunion on the right foot.

Yes, I said it. Bunion.  When I’m writing a note during a patient visit I call it Hallux Valgus.  What I would like to call it is “evil toe-bending bony lump that just appeared on this perfectly innocent foot”

My first podiatrist retired.  I’ve seen a few others since and none of them really agreed on a thing except that the bunion is coming merrily along.

First podiatrist: I shall give you these orthotics the size of your head.  They shall fit in nothing at all but sneakers and only if they are ugly.  If you suggest anything that fits in normal shoes I shall shake my head sadly.

Second podiatrist:  You’re screwed. How about I saw that thing off for you every five years?

Third podiatrist: How about you try these sandals instead with arch support?

I liked her, but then I moved.

Then I found best blog in the history of blogs – if your blog focus that day is make my feet stop hurting – Podiatry Shoe Review.  Written by a podiatrist who unfortunately lives in the Southwest or I would go to her practice and maybe bake her cookies.  She hates those sandals.  According to her, limiting motion when you walk is the key to not hurting.  I tried shoes on this principle and she’s right. Her blog is the reason I can sometimes wear high heels.

My old giant orthotics are disintegrating. And as of now, I have no podiatrist.  How to find good one if none of them agree?


Redefining Cute

During the epic shoe shop trip to Harry’s the mission was sandals. But the salesman slipped in a few other types of shoes and I tried them on anyway.  I put on one pair of slingbacks/clogs and they were so comfortable.  Are you joking?! comfortable.  I was being a disciplined shopper and they got ruled out, because it was sandal day, dammit. And now my favorite work shoes have suddenly started to hurt and I’m having dreams about these clogs.


Dansko Sam

Try to picture these with a wrap dress or straight-leg trousers.  I don’t know. Can we redefine cute? I want “cute” to be “I’m happy about it”.

The high school girl in me has a hard time with redefinition of sacred fashion terms.  She’s being a hypocrite. Big round comfortable Doc Martin boots were “cute” when I was in high school, people.

I’ve got a store credit sitting in my wallet.  The Sams may want to come live in my closet and go to the clinic.

Anyone wearing these?

The Search

Ever heard of Harry’s Shoes in New York?  It’s a mecca for those of us with sore feet.  A whole entire store devoted to comfort brands and at least one salesman (Tom, you are amazing) who will cheerfully bring you 40 pairs of shoes. So, I was there two weekends ago with a really, really great friend who held out through all 40 pairs of shoes.  And then 15 more the next day. We picked three pairs, all in what I was sure was that elusive zone between comfortable and cute.  And I nearly passed out paying the bill because them things don’t come cheap. One week later:

  • I returned one pair
  • I realized that the very cute $99 pair of sandals made my poor feet hurt #shoeshoppingfail
  • I am down to one pair from the epic trip to Harry’s

I’m scared to tell my friend who sat through all those tries I can only wear one pair.  Look at them, why on earth would these be the super comfortable ones?  They have high heels!



(Sofft Mena, in case you were wondering)

My feet hurt right now.  They suddenly got worse in the last year.  Instead of focusing on them hurting though I’d like to crowd-source some solutions.  There must be a lot of other women out there who have weird things happening to their feet – what do they do?  I’m hoping the answer is “see these pretty trendy shoes that make other women jealous?  They feel great!” but I would totally settle for “I am so awesome that these shoes some people call granny shoes look amazing on me”.

Any of you have trouble with your feet?